You penned down a tale

On the lingering patterns of time

A creation that will never stale

Unfolding a legacy sublime


You heralded for us a poetry realm

Which was to creation; unknown

And is even to this day in your absence at our helm

Empowering our subconscious all malice to dethrone


You sowed life

Through unbroken lines of protest and comedy

For our hearts where cyclones of strife

To our nation your work was indeed a remedy


You are gone and it’s difficult to turn a new page

But your work shall remain a hypodermic syringe










Patience is a skill

One that doesn’t kill

Which conceives perfection

And in time satisfaction

Many without it till

But all is vanity still

For success through hard work they peel

But without it they never set a meal

Go ahead acquire this skill

And discover how patience is such a thrill


Planting hope

On a barren slope

A plant that copes

For a generation that lost hope

Who under the vice grip of tyranny; choke

To consume this life rendering crop

Thus a youth with optimism grow up

For elevation they no-longer grope

In freedom they go to shop

No-more chop-chop

This is a new seed of hope

I plant on a barren slope